For me, Reading a book is a very personal experience that leaves an impact, however small, on my psyche . A book can enchant, exhilarate, stimulate or inspire me but it also has the power to depress, unnerve, agitate, or simply unsettle me.

A good book sometimes makes me run through the entire gamut of these emotions and leaves my emotionally wrung out but satisfied, with a better understanding of myself and the world around me while a bad book can make me dissatisfied and completely irritated at the absolute waste of my time.

When I read a book review, I get a better idea of whether the book will meet my expectations and whether it’s the kind of book that I want to read at that particular point of time . It’s prevented me from wasting my time on the wrong book a lot of times and it’s my fondest hope that my perspective can help other people choose the best book to suit their mood too.

Happy reading!